Bespoke Tailoring by Stefano Ricci

Understanding no machine could ever replace skilled hands, STEFANO RICCI master tailors feel the garment’s shape and personality coming to life as they build each suit, sport coat, and trouser by hand. These are the exceptional artisans that bring passion and a certain spirit to the STEFANO RICCI hand-made garment.

This spirit is expressed not through a machine but their hands, which makes what we do that much more meaningful and timeless. This is the art of hand-tailored elegance which creates a subtle message in the shape, softness and the light feel of the garment that drapes to the body in a most natural way. This is STEFANO RICCI clothing.

Ultimately, in the spirit of STEFANO RICCI products, it is fitting that a suit worn by the human body should be made by the human hand. STEFANO RICCI tailored clothing is a badge of discernment that belongs to the pinnacle of today’s rapid paced world.

Stefano Ricci’s Bespoke Tailoring services are available at Stefano Ricci Singapore boutique.
For an appointment, please call (65) 6634 1093.

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