Eyewear by Brioni

The Eyewear line, realised after a long research and experimentation phase, led Brioni to the identification of highly-specialised methods and techniques that helped pave the way for “one of a kind” Eyewear.

The concept of innovation drove Brioni to use a material technique that unites metal with horn. Horn is not only precious but also difficult to shape, and therefore required expert Italian artisans who were employed to work their magic on the material. Indeed, one 16 cm x 6 cm-sheet of horn can produce just two temples that boast adjustable length and a flexibility of 5 mm – thus allowing for maximum adaptability to one’s facial structure. This is the “flex” function, utilised to its maximum, so that the possibility for breaks and damage is reduced to the bare minimum.

In line with the brand’s philosophy, Brioni Eyewear is made with the finest of raw materials, and with the most sought-after polish and savoir-faire that respects the singularity of Brioni manufactures, all to guarantee the inimitable and one-of- kind experience that is Brioni.