October 1946
Moreschi was founded by Mario Moreschi, a man of singular taste and many passions – among which orchestra conductor and pilot of small aircrafts – he was known as a producer of high quality men’s footwear.


The first factory was located at 13 via Mulini in the centre of Vigevano employing as its production staff: three trimmers, two aged shoemakers, one cutter, two assemblers, two turners, one grinder and two liners all working in the laboratory.


Moreschi manufactures 3,000 pairs of shoes a year.

Moreschi participates in the annual National Footwear Fair in Vigevano.

Moreschi begins exporting mainly to Germany – up to 5,252 pairs of shoes a year.

Exports drive production to 14,000 pairs of shoes a year increasing the number of craftsmen employed to 39. Exports now account for 37% of sales. The Moreschi shoe factory moves to 2 via Madonna degli Angeli occupying 400 square metres with areas dedicated to cutting, trimming, assembly and lining. All production takes place in- house as is still the case today.

In November, GianBeppe Moreschi, the current Chairman, takes over the reins of the Company following the unexpected death of his father, Mario, then manages it for ten years until its definitive take-off.

Moreschi’s constant expansion makes yet another move necessary, this time to Montello street, where the factory, initially covering 1,500 square metres in 1995, is repeatedly extended until it occupies 6,000 square metres with a total staff of 300.

Moreschi begins exporting to the Far and Middle East, from Japan to Egypt, including Hong Kong and Indonesia. Japan alone accounts for 16% of exports.

GianBeppe Moreschi meets Angelo Gabriele Fronzoni, a well-known designer from Milan, marking the start of long-term close collaboration. Not only does Fronzoni design the notorious/famous Moreschi logo, consisting of two stylised men’s shoes in black on white in the form of a capital M but also masterminds various advertising campaigns.

At the end of the 1960s, Moreschi conquers Africa, beginning with exports to all North African andvarious Sub-Saharan African countries (Senegal, Gabon, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Congo, Tanzania, Angola).

The first Moreschi monobrand store opens in via Manzoni, Milan.

Moreschi begins in-house production of leather goods in tandem with its footwear.

In the 1980s and 1990s the third generation of Moreschi, GianBeppe’s sons, join the company: Stefano (Managing Director), Mario (Manager of all production processes) and Francesco (Marketing and Communications Manager).

In the 1990s Moreschi manufactures between 900 and 950 pairs of shoes a day. 250 to 300 manual steps are needed to make a Moreschi shoe. The production of shoes combines tradition and innovation in a perfect harmony resulting in a precious know-how of manufacturing techniques that are carried out since the beginning of the factory and have guaranteed to Moreschi the success of its products.

The first foreign monobrand Moreschi store opens in Dubai.

Exports account for 77% of Moreschi sales.

The new millennium sees a step-change in Moreschi’s expansion. The range is expanded to include women’s footwear and the production of women’s shoes and accessories. A showroom opens in Milan in response to interest and enquiries from the international market, but almost notably, in September 2003, the new Moreschi site is inaugurated.Moreschi-Brandstory5

A production plant, one of the biggest in the Vigevano shoemaking district covering a total surface area of 65,000 square metres built around a vast green space, plus a factory outlet and a nursery for the staff’s children, proof of the Company’s constant concern for its human resources – the most precious asset for the production of quality artisanal goods.Moreschi-Brandstory6

Moreschi employs a total of 400 people, producing approximately 250,000 pairs of shoes a year sold in more than 80 countries – not to mention 40 sales outlets worldwide comprising monobrand stores, corners and shop-in-shops.

For almost seventy years, Moreschi shoes have graced the feet of the famous and the not so famous, from the worlds of cinema – Richard Burton, Liam Neeson, Adrien Brody, of music – Michael Jackson, James Brown, Johnny Cash, and of sport – Michael Jordan, Novak Djokovic, Alberto Tomba. Moreschi shoes have been worn by Popes, Heads of State, members of the nobility and the aristocracy worldwide and brought luck to countless captains of industry and sheiks, but above all, Moreschi shoes are emblematic of Italian know-how and the “Made in Italy” label has become a synonym for excellence world-wide.