Stefano Ricci Spring Summer 2015 Collection

The supremely elegant silhouette, the unmistakable marvel of colour: the collection which Stefano Ricci has created for Spring/Summer 2015 seems to have stepped straight off the palette of Sandro Botticelli, the dazzling master of Florence’s most elegant fifteenth-century paintings.

Stefano Ricci’s spring heightens and underscores the pleasing nature of a solid form that is flawless yet gentle, naturally elegant, simple yet highly refined as only real works of art can be. Produced by hand and made with love, they are designed to convey a wholly contemporary light which Botticelli might well have called “grace”.

The perfect springtime conjure up by Stefano Ricci sees the lightness of the finest, most exquisite materials, hand-picked and teamed to create new combinations, as well as the bright elegance of hues that are like something straight out of Botticelli’s renowned “Primavera”.