Su Misura by Brioni

Sartorial know-how, the quintessence of technical and style, encapsulates all aspects of BRIONI professionalism. The creativity involved in realising a BRIONI garment is almost an art form: it takes between 18 and 22 hours to make one suit, 220 steps, equating to 440 hands working on one article.

Each worker is dedicated to a single phase, with 80 workers for pressing alone. Stitches sewn by hand for each jacket vary between 5,000 and 7,000, depending on the model and the type of construction required.

The pressing phase is a clear example of this quest for perfection: every sewing phase is followed by ironing and followed in turn by precise resting phases that vary according to the type of fabric and the garment’s geographic and climatic destination.

All the inspection phases are extremely strict, starting with control of the original fabric. Every defect, irrelevant as far as the market is concerned, is essential to BRIONI’S standard of perfection.

The complexity of workmanship has reached levels that surpass sartorial standards and reflect the research, optimisation and industrial evolution of a traditional art. Each department head checks all the jacket’s essential points.

Only this meticulous attention to all production phases can guarantee the unrivalled quality that has always been a source of pride for those who create and those who wear BRIONI.