Tardini Autumn-Winter 2014

For Autumn-Winter 2014, TARDINI got its inspiration from Luca Barberini’s mosaic masterpiece ‘Folla’ (meaning crowd in Italian). The alligator scales in the season’s new shades come beautifully together in a chromatic whirlpool and are reminiscent of Barberini’s meticulous assembly of the multicolored mosaics in ‘Folla’. Blue or Green artistically blend with Dark Brown or Burgundy shades in a ‘cloud’ effect. The spirit of ‘Folla’ is also a reminder of our fast-paced daily lives, which TARDINI continues to cater for with practicality in this collection: strong ‘box-shaped’ briefcases now offer a large outside compartment while elegant tri-fold organizers can be used as indispensable wallets. All of TARDINI’s leather goods are still richly detailed with its lapis lazuli adorned signature shield-shaped clasps.