Travel Tips for the Holiday Season

Is your calendar packed with overseas travels this holiday season? Be it for leisure or for business, we offer you tips to travel smart.

1. Don’t forget your style.

Travelling doesn’t mean you have to leave your fashion sense at home, especially if your destination is packed with happening places. Ensure that you are dressed to impress, with a few iconic pieces from your wardrobe which represent your signature style.

BillionaireCouture-Viscose evening blazer with glitter applicationsBillionaire Couture Viscose Evening Blazer with Glitter Applications

2. Comfort is key.

Different weather conditions and varying time zones might throw you off and make you feel uneasy. Bring along a comfortable polo shirt or a pair of jeans with a great fit to feel comfortable.

                                Assorted Uomo Collezioni Polo Shirts                   

JM Icon Jeans

3. Hassle-free footwear

Save yourself from the inconvenience of having to continuously undo shoes with laces or straps while travelling.  Have a breeze taking off and land in comfort with slip-on footwear like these classy oxfords with a sophisticated tassel detail.



Moreschi Limited Edition 1946, Tassel Oxfords in Calf Leather

4. Innovative Eyewear

A quality pair of shades are a must-have accessory for the jet set lifestyle. Whether you are on the beach, cruising around or even in the snowy Alps, a good pair of shades will protect your eyes and complement any outfit. We highly recommend innovative Brioni shades, which can bend up to 180 degrees to minimise the risk of breakage.

Brioni-Eyewear      Brioni Sunglasses

5. Quality luggage

Every man needs sturdy luggage that is functional, yet chic.  Invest in a spacious carry on to fit all your essentials stylishly. Choosing one with a unique texture will help stand out from the rest.

BillionaireCouture-BBembossed-bag2Billionaire Couture BB Embossed bag in Calfskin Leather

Bon Voyage!

UomoCollezioni-outfit & JM Icon trolley bag

Uomo Collezioni Apparels and JM Icon Trolley Bag