Abito Privato by Pal Zileri

PAL ZILERI Abito Privato is a service reserved for the increasingly numerous followers of bespoke menswear. Custom made garments are created by dedicated teams on the latest measuring techniques and new aspects of wearability.

A classic suit requires an average of 180 working processes and takes more than 6 hours of work to make up.

Each collection uses approximately 1,000 fabrics, a large part produced exclusively by the most renowned wool manufacturers.

The first competitive factor, in terms of quality, however, remains the professional approach and reliability of its working partners. It is not only the team handling the products who supervises the creative process, but the tailors do too, as do the pattern cutters: all are skilled workers trained in accordance with the principles of true Italian craftsmanship, capable of giving life to ideas, creating garments that continue to satisfy the highest expectations.

PAL ZILERI Abito Privato services are exclusively available at the Uomo Collezioni, Singapore boutique. For an appointment, please call (65) 6634 1253.

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