Canali Made to Measure Experience


Our Su Misura service allows you to create custom garments that are inherently unique and catered to your distinct taste. You can personalize suits, jackets, pants, coats and dress shirts, along with the guidance of our Made-to-Measure Specialists. Select your favourite fit, style and fabric from over 500 options, many of which are exclusive to Canali.

Watch your creation come to life as you choose everything down to the last detail, from lapels and collars to buttons and pockets. The garment is then expertly crafted in Italy and delivered in just a few weeks. The wearer’s name is embroidered on the label serving as a testament to the mastermind behind the garment’s conception.


Our Exclusive line furnishes only the finest fabrics and most precious materials culminating in sartorial garments with unparalleled quality. Through the expert use of luxurious details and precision craftsmanship, the final product reads like a work of art; rare, refined, and authentically you.



The modern man’s lifestyle requires effortless sophistication, dynamism and ease. Our specially treated impeccable fabrics fuse elegance and innovation, resulting in a timeless essence that is furtively functional. Not only is the fabric breathable, flexible and water resistant; it also uses one’s natural body heat to even out creases. Strategic utility and tailoring tradition cleverly combine in opulent garments that are the ultimate manifestation of sartorial luxury.

Canali 1934

Every Canali garment is constructed with extreme passion and care thanks to our profound dedication to Italian tradition. The Canali 1934 line is rooted in a rich heritage that has spanned over 80 years, offering timeless styles that distinguish the wearer as a man of superior taste and cultured refinement.



An icon of sophistication, the blazer is an essential piece for each gentleman’s wardrobe. Inherently versatile, it can be seamlessly worn with formal wear or strategically paired with casual separates. Browse our selection of fabrics, colors, silhouettes and patterns to pinpoint the combination that best expresses your personal aesthetic to the highest degree.


Each special occasion calls for an extraordinary ensemble that is just as memorable as the event itself. Our specialists will help you customize your dream tuxedo starting with the overall fit way down to the most intricate details. The result is an impeccable garment, expertly catered to fit your unique taste.


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