JM By Johnny Manglani

The golden ratio is a principle formulated by Leonardo da Vinci. A principle of absolute harmony present in all masterpieces, an unspoken rule for perfect composition. It is also the main principle of JM by Johnny Manglani.

JM by Johnny Manglani is the result of years of research into men’s fashion desires and needs. The collection is iconic because no detail has been spared in making the product perfect – the fitting, the cut, the materials, the details, the accessories and the design are impeccable and timeless in nature.

JM by Johnny Manglani is also a philosophy, heralding a return to true individuality and quality that cannot be widely available or mass produced. Only a limited number – five to six of each garment – in JM by Johnny Manglani line is produced.

JM by Johnny Manglani collection includes a full range of wardrobe items: coats and leather jackets in various styles, sports jackets and work suits, trousers and jeans, knitwear and shirts as well as footwear and accessories.

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