Moreschi Hand Dyed Shoes

Hand-dyed colouring can be made on the entire upper shoe or only on some parts (edge, boot cuff, flap, etc.) depending on the shoe model, using a white cotton cloth imbued with a special colour mixture.

It is a 3-stage process:

Phase 1

We start from a neutral base, and gradually move toward darker hues, in the following 3 steps. After every step, the upper shoe (or part of it) it left to dry for 3/4 hours.

First we colour the edges, to give a more intense colour to the sides, and then progressively the inner parts. This step, in which the cloth loses the colour intensity, and the artisan hand becomes more sensible and light, is where Moreschi’s expertise truly comes out.

Phase 2

Carried out with an iron at 130°C, this operation is necessary to close the leather pores, seal in the colour and make the surface smooth and uniform.

Phase 3

“Caramelisation” means a brushing process carried out using special cotton bristles imbued with wax, which polish the upper shoe several times until a bright colour hue is obtained.

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