Pal Zileri

Updating style in order to maintain ties with the past is the mission that has always been pursued by PAL ZILERI. The company has, for thirty‐five years, combined modern production logics ‐ in terms of industrial and competitive strength ‐ with attention to quality, a principle that has kept the culture of Italian hand‐worked tailoring intact.

PAL ZILERI operates out of Quinto Vicentino, in Northeast Italy, and has become a well‐known label in over 70 nations. Professional ethics passion and skill create garments that constantly and faithfully interpret the customers’ style. Classic – a style whose history reaches into the present, a tradition that is able to adapt to modern times.

PAL ZILERI’s ideal is based on elegance which, developed from classic foundations, keeps up‐to‐date and maintains its competitive edge through continuous stylistic research and exclusive fabric selection, whilst taking full advantage of the skills of their fine workmanship and safeguarding the most representative values of the quality guaranteed by the Made-in-Italy labels.

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