Shaik’s Fragrance Collection


Passionate and romantic perfumes reflect the image of Shaik – a mysterious prince of the desert, gorgeous and powerful, invisible and ever-present he gives riches with his generous hand and blessed are those who meet him…

All fragrances are made and bottled by hand using more than hundred finest French components in Arabic style. The bottles are the masterpieces from France and Italy, each adorned with decorative elements such as silver, and Swarovski crystals for the Classic editions, and gold, sapphires and diamonds for Precious editions.

chick for men

Chic Shaik Emerald No.70 EDP for Men, 80ml

The inspired passion of a desert prince presents an intoxicating “woody ambery” fragrance. It is subtle, never overwhelming – yet exudes an ineffable sense of power and masculinity. A more informal, modern and relaxed lifestyle for the Shaik and his Princess. It is truly an embodiment of the beauty and romance of Arabia, and of the man who created it.

Chic Shaik Emerald No.30 EDP for Women, 80ml

An “oriental and sensual” scent combining an ambery and woody bottom note with a delicious hint of passion fruit. This modern fragrance speaks of freedom and happiness, of a life lived without boundaries or restrictions. Irrepressibly joyful and slightly mischievous, it is a celebration of life and love. Created for a blissful mood to be captured and made to last.

chick for women

Opulent Shaik Gold Edition for Women, 40ml

Amethyst Parfum for Women From the prince in your life… An addictive “woody ambery” fragrance combining leathery bottom notes with a peppery musky rose. The perfumes are blended to complement a lavish royal lifestyle. Reaching another level of luxury, this exclusive scent will be kept for the most precious occasions.

Opulent Shaik Gold Edition for Men, 100ml

From the Inspired Passion of a Desert Prince… A “leathery fougere” scent that commands another level of luxury. Its creaminess provides a tweedy and “venerable” vibe onto the skin to be preciously kept for exclusive occasions. Exquisite flacons are dipped in 18 karat rose-gold and are designed to flaunt.

limited edition men

Limited edition Designer Shaik Full Set of Shaik Fragrances for Men, 3x30ml

Marvel at the luxurious accessories of Arabian paradise. An elegant trio of fragrances makes an exquisite gift to those you love the most. A combination of the full range of Designer Shaik’s perfumes encased into a limited edition luxury gift box, designed to bring a touch of prestige and opulence.

Opulent Shaik Sapphire No.77 for Men, 100ml

For the Prince in you… A delicious “woody chypre” scent. Spicy, aromatic and citrusy depicting a regal celebration of the romantic and uninhibited personality of the Shaik that every man aspires to be… and every woman yearns for. An irresistible fusion of elegance and masculinity.

Travel Opulent Shaik Gold Edition for Men, 30ml

The perfume accessories have been created specially for the jetsetter. Like the original 100ml fragrance, this 30 ml flacon is dipped in 18 karat rose gold, and exuberantly filled with the same 135 unique ingredients. Perfect for the discerning world traveller.

Travel Opulent Shaik Sapphire No.77 for Men, 30ml

The perfume accessories have been created specially for the jetsetter. This extravagant award winning fragrance, like the original 100ml, is jewel encrusted flacon filled with the same unique ingredients, carefully packed into an easy-to-carry bottle.

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